The team at Fresh Start

Pastor Bill Vallet – Lead Pastor

pastorBillPastor Bill Vallet has been the Lead Pastor for Pennsylvania Ave. U. Methodist Church since 1998. He lives in Pine City, NY. He is a full time ordained elder in the Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church. He has been ordained for 32 years. Pastor Bill’s personal vision is for Fresh Start to “cast our net on the other side of the boat;” that is, to fish in waters where people who are far from God will be attracted to come closer to the Lord and consider becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. He enjoys walking and boating.

Peter Wood – Campus Leader

peterWoodPeter Wood is Fresh Start’s Campus Leader. He and his wife, Lorna, live in Elmira, NY. He has worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 28 years! Peter is passionate about encouraging others, being positive, and making people smile! He believes it is very important to make sure people, young and old, know they are special and that God loves them! Peter enjoys golfing, hunting, and fishing.

Gayle Oldenbusch – Tech Team

gayleoldenbuschGayle Oldenbusch is a part of Fresh Start’s Tech Team. She lives in Wellsburg, NY and is a physical therapist at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Her personal vision for Fresh Start is to reach people for Jesus Christ through positive, creative, and biblical worship technology. Gayle is a ‘do-it-yourself-er,’ enjoys gardening, and is a NY Yankees fan!

Theresa Butler – Connections Team

theresaButler Theresa Butler is in charge of Fresh Start’s Connections Team and servant evangelism. She is from Horseheads, NY and works as a teacher aide at Horseheads High School. Her desire for Fresh Start is to bring people to Christ, make new friends, and to share her love for God with others! Theresa loves to ski, travel, attend growth groups, and loves her family!

Lorna Wood – Faithbuilders Team

lornaWoodLorna Wood is Fresh Start’s Faithbuilders Team leader. She lives in Elmira, NY with her husband, Peter, and is retired. Her hope for Fresh Start is to build children with unshakeable faith. Lorna enjoys gardening and swimming.

Shelley Jones – First Impressions Team


Sue Dunlap

SueDunlapSue Dunlap resides in Elmira, NY with her husband, John. Her greatest desire for Fresh Start is to help people, all people of all ages, know that Jesus is REAL! Whether they are living in a pit of despair or living the “good life,” she wants people to know there is a BETTER life with Jesus! There is hope and purpose, abundant joy and peace, right here, right now, for all who walk with Jesus! “No more hole in the soul!” Everyone can have a FRESH START  in Jesus! Sue loves kayaking, watching her favorite movies again and again, sitting on the beach with a good book, and seeing a beautiful sunset. Contact her at sue@FreshStartMall.org.

John Dunlap

johnDunlap John Dunlap lives in Elmira, NY, with his wife, Sue. John is an accountant. His vision for Fresh Start is to reach the un-churched and grow God’s community of faith! In his spare time, John enjoys golfing, kayaking, and biking.


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